Efficiency With
Exceptional Care

LifeFirst aims to be a reliable partner by leveraging its expertise in the field of process chemistry and commercial Intermediate and API manufacturing. LifeFirst has the capability to handle complex reactions from lab-scale all the way to plant scale.
LifeFirst can offer best-in-class solutions for your outsourcing needs.

We strive to be a well-grounded and authentic source of developmental solutions that and all that CDMO needs.

Our contractual services offer flexibility to deeply refined research services. Our expertise and experience are driven towards evolving and moving a drug or device from its Conception Stage to reaching FDA Marketing Approval.

Pertaining to the client’s need, our core actions are focused on ideating and designing the formulation, aiming an analytical data, and stability data where all these entities are further classified and pushed towards the manufacturing regions.

We design contractual services to ease down your operations and work comprehensively towards assisting our clients right from drug development to drug manufacturing stages.

Our wide spectrum of services can help you with scalability by driving our major focus towards, formulation stages, stability studies, method development, clinical phases, formal stability, upscale, batches required for registration, commercial production, etc.

A medicinal product may get affected by external and environmental products. We carry out the different stages of stability testing and further establish a re-test period for determining the shelf-life and storage conditions of the particular medicinal ingredient.

We take care of the DMF (Drug Master File) that is further submitted to the Food and Drug Association (FDA). We maintain confidentiality throughout while providing a detailed and informative version of facilities, processes, and articles used in processing, storing, packaging, and manufacturing the pharmaceutical product.

We understand the importance of particle size, shape, and surface characteristics and use our expertise to assure the desired performance and appropriateness in formulating a particular drug.

We design technology-enabled strategies for speeding-up its market display and making it a global availability.

Intellectual Property of the owner can be transferred to a third-party, if needed, under mutually agreed terms and conditions.